Naturally, Responsibly, Ethically

The Land

The soil we stand on is full of life; from microorganisms, to bacteria and fungi our soil is the lifeline to everything on earth. At CCR we strive to have a proper functioning soil ecosystem by ensuring all life cycles are functioning to their fullest potential. By using cocktail cover crops integrated with the bison we have been able to provide the proper essential health functions and processes the soil requires to be sustainably healthy. Our cocktail crops can consist of oats, hairy vetch, collards, Japanese millet, radish, turnips, corn, chicory, clovers, and plantain just for an example. All these different plant species together offers a variety of specialized purposes to the soil. The tubers such as radish and turnips break up hard pan soils to allow water infiltration and store nutrients to be released later when they decompose. The clovers and hairy vetch are legumes which convert atmospheric nitrogen into useable nitrogen for the plants, which is really free nitrogen! Every plant has a purpose and when used in combination together can help create a flourishing and balanced ecosystem which in turn can lead to healthy bison!